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About ADI

ADI is the Association of PhD students and Post-docs in Italy, it safeguards PhD students, post-docs and young  researchers thanks to the dialogue with national institutions and the work of local representative units. The association was legally founded in 1998, it is non-partisan and non-profit and it is sustained by the work of PhD students and PhDs working as volunteers to help their colleagues. At the national level, ADI deals with the Ministry, Government, the majority and the opposition, with representative in CNSU (Consiglio Nazionale degli Studenti Universitari) and CUN (Consiglio Universitario Nazionale).

Adi padova

This photo exhibition has been realized by ADI Padova, local unit of ADI active in the defense of the rights of PhD students and post-docs, also thanks to the work of its representatives in the PhD Courses and Major Academic institutions, such as Consulta dei Coordinatori dei Corsi di Dottorato and Senato Accademico. ADI Padova has always been promoting cultural and social events, from scientific conferences to recreational and informative initiatives, such as the Share the knowledge contest and the bRainS web series. In this new project, photo shoots were realized by Roberto Silvino, while the website of the exhibition was created by Alessandra Fantozzi (see partners).

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