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– hyPHeneD

research in distancing times

hyphen  /ˈhʌɪf(ə)n/  is the sign  -, used to join two words together indicating a new combined meaning, or inserted between the syllables of a word when it is divided at the end of a line.  

If on one hand the hyphen provides a connection, on the other side it sets up a distinction: this ambivalence properly describes the revolution which has molded the routine of academic research in distancing times. PhD students and post-docs are taking charge of this perturbation, both experiencing its derangement and promptly reacting to it, thus becoming the even-though-often-underestimated protagonists of the academic resistance against the pandemic. We dedicate to them this photo exhibition, realized by ADI Padova.



Research brought to light



I cannot work with you, but I can work for you.



Where are the research places?

About HyPheneD

This virtual gallery exhibits twenty photo shoots, by Roberto Silvino, which exemplify the evolution of the academic research in the last few months.